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Press Release - Endo Optiks joins the Beaver-Visitec Inc. family.
September 2, 2014, Beaver-Visitec International (BVI) announces the purchase of Endo Optiks, a leader in the treatment of glaucoma and retinal diseases via minimally invasive endoscopy. For more information about Beaver-Visitec, visit
“Endo Optiks is very pleased to have developed, with the support of its medical advisory board of retina specialists, the first triple-function 23g laser endoscope,” said Steve Kohn, Co-founder and CEO of Endo Optiks.
Press Release - Endo Optiks Introduces New High Resolution Endoscopes
Endo Optiks has launched a new higher-resolution series of Micro-Endoscopes. The higher resolution is made possible by increasing the number of pixels available in the new series of endoscopes by 70%, from the current 10,000 pixels, to the new 17,000 pixel fiber optic bundle.